Gunma “Kozu Ranch” Drone movie

Kozu Ranch, the oldest Western-style ranch in Japan

Kozu Ranch was established in 1887 by Kunitaro Kozu (Shiga Village, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture, now Saku City). The purpose was to promote agricultural reform by introducing livestock farming, and to improve the constitution of the Japanese people by eating milk and meat. 
Therefore, he rented Nishimaki Village, Kanra District, Gunma Prefecture, built a cow barn, and opened a ranch.

Shimonita Town, Kanra District, Gunma Prefecture "Kozu Ranch" access information

Address:〒370-2626 250 Minaminomaki, Shimonita-machi, Kanra-gun, Gunma Prefecture
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機体名:DJI Mavic 3 Cine

カメラスペック:4/3 type CMOS Hasselblad camera 4K




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