Shizuoka “Ishibe Tanada” Drone movie

Unusual stone terraced rice fields

The Ishibu Rice Terraces are located in Matsuzaki Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, at the western tip of the Izu Peninsula.
Terraced rice fields with stone masonry, which is rare in eastern Japan.
You can overlook Suruga Bay below, and on sunny days you can see Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps.
In the Heisei era, 90% of the Ishibu terraced rice fields were abandoned and covered with thatch. activities that lead to the future.

The rice fields have remained unchanged since the late Edo period, when it was destroyed by a mountain tsunami and rebuilt. They overlap.

Mountains, terraced rice fields, villages and the sea are close to each other, forming a space that resembles the model of the Japanese archipelago. You can experience the traditional scenery that creates the culture represented by Japanese cuisine, which consists of rice as the staple food, sea food, and mountain food.

Since 2002, the terraced rice field owner system has been active, and events such as the light festival and music festival have been actively held to interact with the urban area. increase.








機体名:DJI Mavic 3 Cine

カメラスペック:4/3 type CMOS Hasselblad camera 4K




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