Shizuoka “Dogashima” Drone movie

The charm of Dogashima! A spot where you can see the best sunset in Japan

Dogashima is known as a scenic spot in the Izu Peninsula. Standing here makes me realize just how great and unique the artist of nature is. Dogashima, which is lined with a variety of strangely shaped rocks and scenic spots, is full of spectacular spots such as Tensodo, Sanshiro Island, and Tombolo.

If you turn your eyes to the sea, you will be greeted by strangely shaped islands and rocks, and you can enjoy an adventurous little cruise on a boat that cruises between them. Also, the sunset over Suruga Bay is so beautiful that you will be at a loss for words.

Sanshiro Island

Sanshiro Island consists of four islands, Denbei Island, Nakanoshima, Okinosejima, and Takashima, about 200 meters offshore. increase. It was designated as a prefectural natural monument in 1983.

Tombolo phenomenon

At low tide, rapids appear all the way to Denbeijima, the closest island, and you can walk across without getting your feet wet. This phenomenon is called "Tombolo", and it is a very rare phenomenon even in Japan.


Koganezaki, where the rock surface shines golden in the setting sun, is a scenic spot known for the wonderful view of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji, and the beautiful sunset. The entire cape is a park, and there is a promenade lawn square, an observatory, etc. In the collection garden, hemerocallis, poppies, and rape blossoms bloom profusely from spring to autumn.

Tensodo Cave

Dogashima's biggest attraction, the Tensodo Cave, is made of white tuff, with a sea erosion tunnel beneath it that looks like a honeycomb. Inside the dark cave, you can see a mystical spectacle with a band of light coming from the ceiling to the surface of the sea. This Tensodo Cave is located on the course of the Dogashima Promenade and can be seen from above.

Dogashima Marine

Along the coastline of Nishi-Izu, there are many scenic spots such as national parks and the Izu West Coast. Dogashima Cave Tour in Nishiizu and Izu Pleasure Boat, Dogashima Marine's "Cave Tour Pleasure Boat" You can enjoy cruising sightseeing.

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