Yonaguni Island, Okinawa Prefecture "Umabanazaki North Ranch" drone aerial photography

The place where the teacher sat and looked out at the sea in Dr. Koto

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A cape in the North Ranch, northwest of Yonaguni Airport. You can find the entrance because there is a sign for Umahanazaki on the main road. However, even if you enter the entrance, you may wonder where Umahanazaki is just by entering the North Ranch. First, go straight from the entrance and follow the tracks of the car. On the way, there are cows and horses grazing, so please avoid them carefully so as not to get in the way. When the tracks disappear, you will arrive at the cape. The cape is a beautiful pastureland, and just looking at the hills is beautiful. The cliffs that can be seen from the pastureland are also quite impressive. There is a white stone monument in the wide Umahanazaki, so please look for it. This cape is also famous as the place where Dr. Koto sat and looked out at the sea. Since it is a north-facing cape, you can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset (only in the summer season).

North Ranch…
This pastureland spreads out to the west of Yonaguni Airport. On the opposite side of the airport lies Higashizaki, the easternmost point of Yonaguni Island. You can reach the pasture by going a little off the road that circles the island and following a bumpy unpaved road. Compared to the South Ranch, which is filled with horses, the North Ranch also has cattle grazing. Perhaps because of this, there are fewer horses than at the South Ranch. Umabanazaki, at the northern end of the ranch, is lined with sheer cliffs exposed by the Kuroshio Current, and a magnificent view of the East China Sea stretches out before you.

DRONE/47 has received full support from the Yonaguni Town Tourism Association for the aerial photography of all tourist spots in Yonaguni.
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Title: My Hometown
Artist: NU
An acoustic duo based in Yokohama. They are involved in a wide range of activities, including hosting a music festival to support children.

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Drone Details

Aircraft name:DJI Mavic 3 pro cine

Camera specs:4/3-inch CMOS Hasselblad camera 4K


Shooting time period:Morning

Filming location

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