Birthplace:Yamanashi Prefecture

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My name is NAOKI and I live in Yamanashi Prefecture. My first encounter with a drone was on a movie set. Until a while ago, aerial photography was only footage from a helicopter, but I was shocked that movies could be shot with such a small aircraft. From then on, I wanted to do aerial photography myself! If it were me, I would shoot from this angle! What angle would make the footage look beautiful? I was always thinking about such things on the set, even though I had never even touched a drone. From that day on, my mind was filled with drones. When I got a drone, I wanted to take a picture of my car, since I've loved cars since I was a child! I wanted to take a picture of it running! I was moved when I was able to take a picture like in a commercial. It was just for my own satisfaction, though lol. But I wanted to share this excitement with someone, so I became obsessed with aerial photography. That's when I encountered the DRONE/47, and I think that the DRONE/47 is the one that "inspires you from the sky." Because of my job, I often visit rural areas, and when I look at the scenery from the car window, I wonder what it would look like from the sky? I'm sure it would be a wonderful landscape. I spend my days thinking about this. The same landscape shows different faces depending on the season, angle, and time. We would like to deliver such a wonderful view from the sky and safely film it so that you can be moved by it and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Yamanashi Prefecture. Thank you very much.