Rody / Roddy (Tokyo )

Birthplace:Nagasaki Prefecture

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Nice to meet you, my name is Rody, and I'm from Nagasaki and currently living in Tokyo. I started using drones because I was fascinated by the beauty of the images I saw on YouTube when I saw some stunning aerial shots of overseas scenery. I'm usually an office worker, but I work as a drone instructor on holidays. Recently, I've been more into FPV drones than aerial photography, and I've been involved in drone races, car chases, and university promotional videos. The reason I decided to participate in Drone47 is because I wanted to create a work that would inspire and heal people, just like the ones I was fascinated by. I study various compositions and aerial photography techniques every day, such as the overhead view that only a drone can provide, and I also put effort into video editing. I want to share the appeal of drones with everyone, along with the scenery of my travels and the beauty of images I've never seen before.