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How can I download photos & videos?

Select "Photo & Video Detail Information" under each image & video title to move to the detail page.

Please select the size from the "Download and use" item on the details page, and download and use it.


①S size: 640 × 425px: Free download available

② M size: 2000 x 1330px: Paid (can be downloaded after payment is confirmed)

③L size: 4000×2561px: Paid (can be downloaded after payment is confirmed)

④ XL size: 6048 x 4024 px: Paid (can be downloaded after payment is confirmed)


① WEB: WEB (L): Paid (can be downloaded after payment is confirmed)

②HD: HD1080: Paid (can be downloaded after confirmation of payment)

③ 4K: 3840 x 2100px: Paid (can be downloaded after payment is confirmed)

Are there any precautions I should take when using photos for secondary purposes?

When using, the name of the right photographer (DRONE / 47), the title of the work, the license URL or hyperlink must be written in a place where the viewers of the media you use can see.

Also, please be careful and check the subjects (buildings, interiors, grounds, pets, products with artistic design, etc.) for which the rights are held by a third party.

I want to ask the account that took the downloaded photos and videos to do the shooting work.

Please contact the DRONE / 47 management office from the contact form and return the management office to contact you. Contact Us

Where should the credit be written?

Please write the license notation in a place where the viewers of the media you use can see, so that you can understand the correlation with the work. It doesn't have to be in the image, but it should be in a reasonably visible location. Please check here for details on the notation method.

Can I use photos and videos on my company's SNS and website?

Photos and videos published on DRONE / 47 can be freely reproduced or modified, including for commercial use, on corporate websites and SNS, by displaying credits according to the terms of use and license. Is possible. (Limited to purchased items)

Is it okay to process photos and videos?

You are free to copy or modify the items that you have purchased.

Is it possible to distribute to a third party for free or for a fee a product created by secondary use of photos and videos?

We do not offer free or paid services to third parties.

I can't find my previously downloaded photos & videos. Do you have download history?

Regarding how to check the download history, we will move to the SHOP site when purchasing.

You will need to log in from there and download again.

There is also an expiration date, so we recommend re-downloading as soon as possible.

In addition, when the deadline has passed, you can purchase it again and use it.

Do I need to confirm with DRONE / 47 about usage and credit?

It is not necessary to confirm the method of use with the DRONE / 47 secretariat.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form. Contact us from here.

Is it possible to ask the DRONE / 47 office to confirm the usage?

yes. Is possible. Please feel free to contact the DRONE / 47 office.

Where can I find English credits?

You can switch to the English page from the language switch button (JP / EN) in the menu screen displayed at the bottom of the page on a computer, or from the menu button on the top right of the smartphone.

DRONE / 47 exclusive pilot

Is there a way to become a dedicated pilot for the DRONE / 47?

Please enter the necessary information from the pilot entry and wait for a reply. (Limited to 1 to 3 people in each region)

DRONE / 47 If I become a dedicated pilot, do I have to pay a membership fee?

I am not thinking about membership fees at this time. We will operate with 47 people selected.

DRONE / 47 Do you have anything to prepare for joining the exclusive pilot?

If you have two drones (including a spare one), you can respond even if one of them malfunctions.

Drone / 47 plans to hand out business cards and T-shirts.

*Details will be provided at the time of joining.

DRONE / 47 Will I get more job requests if I become an exclusive pilot?

I can't make any promises, but I think there will be more.

Currently, we are talking with various tourism associations, tourism departments, local governments, etc.

I will be going to receive offers of tourist attractions in various places.

In that case, we will request a local pilot.

Can I get a reward?

Yes, of course.

I will explain the details when I become a dedicated pilot for DRONE / 47.

Do you pay for transportation?

We will tell you the conditions when you join DRONE / 47.

Are rewards transferred?


My hobby is aerial photography. Can I become a dedicated pilot for the DRONE / 47?

Yes. Please take aerial shots when you have time and submit the data to the DRONE / 47 management office.

In that case, we will put "DRONE / 47" credit and open it to the public.

Do you take pictures outside of tourist spots?

Basically, it will be only tourist spots, but we are considering surveying, pesticide spraying, and school management in the future.

At that time, we plan to ask pilots in various places, but if we do not have instructor qualifications or equipment, we will ask another person.

Can I become a DRONE / 47 exclusive pilot even if I do not have a license (piloting skill certificate)?

We apologize for the inconvenience.

It's been almost a year since I got my piloting skill certificate, so I'm almost inexperienced.

DRONE / 47 Can I become a dedicated pilot?

We do not judge by the number of years of experience, but please enter the necessary information from the pilot entry and wait for a reply. (Limited to 1 person per region)

How do you get requests for photography?

The requester will contact the DRONE / 47 office, which will contact the pilots in each region.

After that, it will be the day of the shoot following the formal procedure.

Is it possible to receive the request by communicating directly with the shooting request?

We will tell you the conditions when you join DRONE / 47.

How much time should I reserve for shooting?

Since it varies depending on the site, we will inform you of the schedule plan each time.

Basically, we will set a time when it is easy for pilots in each region to move.

However, there are places where photography is only permitted in the morning.

Will I need assistance depending on the shooting location?

Yes you will need it.

In that case, the requester and the DRONE / 47 office will have a meeting before shooting.

How should I handle the permit application?

Basically, the pilot who flies will apply.

The DRONE / 47 office will also support the application.

Is it necessary for the "DRONE / 47 Secretariat" to notify the start and end of shooting on the day?

Yes, please.

We will contact you with precautions at the start and confirm whether it has ended safely.

I was planning to fly on the day, but I can't fly due to a problem with the drone.

The DRONE / 47 office will contact the requester.

(Please check the machine the day before)

The drone crashed before the scheduled schedule and there is no spare aircraft.

The DRONE / 47 office will contact the requester.

Depending on the period, we will retake the application with another pilot and proceed.

(Please always fly safely)

I crashed the drone during the shooting on the day.

Please follow the necessary steps to file a loss report.

(All insurance is left to the pilot) *DRONE / 47 cannot manage aircraft insurance.

The building was damaged during the shooting on the day.

Follow the required steps.

The management will also contact the requester.

(For DRONE / 47, it is a must to have insurance on your own.)

* Drone / 47 cannot manage aircraft insurance.

Can I choose the shooting location by myself?

Yes, I leave it up to the pilot to take pictures of the tourist spots in various places and choose them.

I've been taking pictures of tourist spots since before I joined, but is it necessary?

Yes it is. In that case, we will post it on the site with credit.

I would like to have more people see the tourist spots in the 47 prefectures and revitalize the region.

Is there a way to unsubscribe from DRONE/47?

We will tell you the conditions when you join DRONE / 47. (including quitting)

*Please be assured that there are no penalties.